Professional Mortgage Advisers

At Total Lending and Finance Solutions, we are not tied to any lender, which means that we act entirely on your behalf and represent your best interests in order to establish the most appropriate mortgage quotes for you.
There are so many types of mortgages available that it is easy to become confused, possibly opting for the product offering the lowest headline rate of interest. However, when booking fees, arrangement fees, conditional insurances, higher lending charge premiums and early repayment charges are taken into account, the products may not be as attractive as they first appear.
Our aim is to provide our clients with an excellent service and guide them through difficult and confusing scenarios while providing bespoke ethical advice to suit their needs.
Our expertise and relationships with the banks mean you will be treated favourably in making your application. Therefore, it would be ideal if you could get in touch with our advisers prior to communicating with the bank and before submitting offers on properties, which will help you get an understanding on the full potential of the property you may purchase.

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First Home Buyers

First home buyers are the life blood of any housing market. Upon meeting one of our professional Brokers, you will be given an in-depth overview on the home buying process in a jargon free manner.

We give you the confidence to make these life changing decisions and get a better understanding on the housing market. We understand the stress new buyers go through and take an empathetic approach in addressing your requirements.

Our independence helps us locate the most suitable provider on the market while you concentrate on finding that perfect property, knowing your finances are in order. We strive on getting you the upper hand and putting you in the best buying position, so you can offer quickly and decisively to secure your first home.


Long term customer relationships are important to us at TLFS. Saving you thousands of dollars by finding you better deals is our bread and butter. We will take control of the process and manage the lenders and any other parties to make it as hassle free as possible for you.

Preliminary discussion will focus on understanding the pros and cons of borrowing more or even less. As part of our independent and transparent advisory process, if we believe that staying with your current provider is the right course of action, we will recommend this and manage the transition to your new rate.

We will also discuss the term of mortgage and the length of rate to ensure that you are making the right decision with potential life goals and changes in mind. We will then remind you when it’s time to renew your product and ensure you always have the most competitive rate at the end of your special rate period.


Whether you are a first time landlord or have a sizeable portfolio already, TLFS’s consultants have the expertise and experience to guide you through your financing options and the various methods of obtaining finance.

Buy to invest mortgages are more complicated than ever, with many providers simply not offering them. This makes having a broker on your side crucial to securing your lending solution and getting a great rate.

With access to the entire market, we will be able to introduce you to brands and niche lenders you’ve perhaps never heard of, but could be the right solution for your complex needs.